The name NINTAI RYOKU-KAN (pronounced nin-tie ree-o-ku-khan) translates to "the house of the perseverance." Karate-Do translates as "the way of the empty hand" The black ring represents the black belt which should be the first goal of all new karate students. It's circular form represents the fact black belt is just the beginning and that the black belt's true quest, for perfection in all of life, has no ending The three leaves represent the three basic principles of the "way" of karate as described by the ancient master Peichen Takahara:


-jo – the way of compassion, humility and love

-katsu – the law of complete understanding of all forms and aspect of your karate

-fo – dedication to the seriousness of training not only in practice but also in actual combat

Collectively these principles represent the karate practitioners duty to himself and his fellow man.


The red and white colors represent the Okinawa, the birth place of Karate The Kanji (Japanese script) along the bottom of the logo reads Shuri-te which was the original name for our style of Karate (currently known as Shorin-Ryu of which we represent the Kobayashi branch) It should be noted that we do not see karate as a sport. It is truly a martial art,and while we do engage in sport elements of Karate, our ultimate goal is perfection of the person. So while a student will gain proficiency in combat through training in karate, the ultimate goal is refinement of self. It is our earnest believe that as this refinement spreads from person to person the world can move closer to a state of true peace because we will recognize the frivolous nature of most conflict.