Renshi to Teach Shorin Ryu Kata Seminar at UCSD

Renshi McCammon to join Nurys Saldana and the Pan American Ryuei Ryu association on Sunday May 29th. 


On Sunday May 29th seminar 9:30 at UC San Diego RIMAC

 1. 9:30 am Warm-up

 2. 10-11:30 am Kata Sensei McCammon 4th kyu and under

 3. 10-11:30 am Kobudo Sensei Saldana 3kyu and up

 4. 11:30-1pm LUNCH

 5. 1-2:30 pm Kumite Sensei Limcaco all Kyu

 6. 1-2:30pm Referee Sensei Bergman

Cost of the seminar is $50 per person

Beach Day 2015 – Aug 29th (9a – 3p)

Saturday August 29, 2015 9am – 3pm (ending time is flexible) Oceanside Harbor Beach

All students and families are encouraged to participate.

This is our time to hang out and get to know each other better in the true spirit of Karate-Do.

Lunch will be served (hotdogs, chips, drinks)

**Please feel free to bring any other food items that you may want other than what is noted above**

Please bring your gi, sparing gear, swim suit, a change of clothes, beach toys, beach blankets, umbrellas, chairs and easy-ups.
Adult training will be later in the day.
Volunteer Grill Masters Needed

6th Annual Kiyobukan Training Camp-Hampton Virginia

Get your Registration Info Here!

Dear Karate-ka:
Welcome. Again, I have the honor of serving as your host and Camp Director. It is with great pride and pleasure that I extend to you this invitation to participate in the 6th Annual Kiyobukan International Summer Camp. We are honored to once have a host of world class instructors, some within Shorin-Ryu, and others outside of our style. You will find that these instructors that I have hand-picked are approachable, very knowledgeable. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the very best!
This year’s camp will be at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in the Grand Ballroom. As in 2013, we will have tatami sport mats covering the entire training floor! Due to accommodations being very difficult to find this year, the Country Inn & Suites will be our official camp hotel for this year’s camp. I know you will find it very clean and very comfortable. Additionally I have also secured group rates at two other hotels. Please take note to the cutoff date to receive these special rates.
3rd ANNUAL ALL-KIYOBUKAN CHAMPIONSHIPS This event has proven to be a very exciting highlight to our camps. Compete and be a part of the action! Cheer on your favorites and watch new champions emerge! Like last year, the first place winners will receive full tuition to next year’s camp and this year we will also have a surprise custom one of a kind award that has never been given out to all first place winners! It will be open to only Kiyobukan members. Please refer to insert for details on the competition.
Sunday, immediately after the camp, everyone is personally invited to attend the Farwell Party at the Paradise Ocean Club (previously Fort Monroe’s Officers Club). If you enjoy the beach, there is something for everyone: beach, pool, diving board, water slides, food, bar, etc. Admission to the club is $10 adults, $5 for children. Additionally, we have reserved a “Kiyobukan Cabana” for everyone’s convenience. You will have worked extremely hard, now it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself! Plan on staying an extra day… IT IS WORTH IT!


July 30th, Black Belts only, optional Thursday evening session at the dojo.
July 31st- August 2nd, Friday through Sunday, at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.
Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton, VA. Located within walking distance of the new “Peninsula Town Center” which has a wide variety of fine restaurants and shops.

Thursday, July30th
4pm check-in starts at the dojo
6:30pm Black Belts Only training at the dojo.
Dojo Address:1921 Armistead Ave. (approx. ¼ of a mile from host hotels).

Friday, July 31st
12 noon check-in starts at the Convention Center.
2pm-3:30pm (optional) early arrival session at the Convention Center.
3:30 Kiyobukan Executive Board Meeting (mandatory)
6:30pm-until official opening of camp and workout.
Saturday, August 1st
8:30am-10am first session
10:30am- noon second session
12pm-1:30pm lunch break
1:30pm-3pm third session
3:30pm-5pm fourth session
5pm-6:30 dinner break
6:30pm All-Kiyobukan Championship
Sunday, August 2nd
7am campers that are testing report to the dojo
8:30am-10am first session
10:30am- noon second session
12pm-1pm PROMOTIONS 
1pm- until Farwell Party at Paradise Ocean Club

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All Traditional karate-ka, novice through Black Belt are encouraged to attend. Ages: 9-years and up. Instructors may allow younger students to attend depending on the maturity and rank of the child. Camp Director reserves the right to deny application(s) for ay reason or to dismiss camper(s) for any negative behavior/attitude.

Kiyobukan Members:
Post-marked before July 1st: $170
Post-marked after July 1st: $180
On-site Registration: $200
Non-Kiyobukan Members:
Post-marked before July 1st: $185
Post-marked after July 1st: $200
On-site Registration: $215

Be a part of the newest Kiyobukan legacy by participating in the 2nd Annual All-Kiyobukan Karate Championships. $35 All Events

Okinawa Association of America, Martial Arts Committee Seminar

Come join us as we share in the true spirit of Traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo at the Okinawa Assocation Okinawa Association of America – Martial Arts Committee (MAC) Master’s Seminar featuring Tomohiro Arashiro Sensei, Hachidan, Kyoshi, and Pan American Chief Instructor for Okinawa Ryuei ryu Karate-Do Association.

Learn training methods to improve kata performance and kata from one of the Ryuei Ryu Karate’s preeminent leaders.

This event is open to all Okinawan Karate practitioners and is intended to promote fellowship and sharing between karateka. We are all one in our quest for the true spirit of Dento Okinawa Karate-Do.

Joining Master Arashiro will be:

Sensei Marques McCammon, Godan Renshi International (Kobayashi) Shorin-Ryu Kyobukan teaching Ippon and Kaeshi Kumite Concepts

Sensei Nurys Saldana, Okinawa Kobudo Doushi Rensei-kai teaching Bo v. Sai Waza and Taiso

Seminar cost is just $30 so please don’t miss out! Proceeds go to the Okinawa Association of America Martial Arts Committee.


All Okinawa Karate Kobudo Championship


$45.00 per competitor, 2nd family member is $20.00 extra and 3rd Family member is $15.00 extra. 4 or more are free from there on.

Family registraions and payments have to be downloaded from and mailed to: USOKKA, 3850 Ramona Drive, Riverside CA 92506

$15.00 for video pass / $5.00 for spectators (5 and under are free)



Skill Levels

Beginning- less than 2 years or 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th kyu)
Intermediate-(more than 2 years or 6th, 5th and 4th kyu)
Advanced- Brown & Black Belts

2 May 2015 PST

29 April 2015 11:59 PM PST

Monrovia High School
825 W Colorado Blvd
Monrovia, CA 91016

Maria Evens Sensei

5th Annual Kiyobukan West Coast Mini Camp

Kyoshi Brian Hobson of the Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan Teaches Rohai at San Diego Summer Camp

Kyoshi Brian Hobson of the Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan Teaches Rohai at San Diego Summer Camp

5TH ANNUAL KIYOBUKAN SHORIN RYU WEST COAST SPRING GASSHUKU Featuring: Kyoshi (8th Dan) Brian Hobson​ So Honbu Cho (Headquarters Director), International Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan​ About Brian Hobson: - Sole heir to the leadership of the International Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan Assocation, headquartered in Itoman-shi, Okinawa Japan. - 21-time National Karate Champion under the AAU, USANKF, and USAKF (kata, kumite, long weapons, and short weapons) - 21-time Karate All-American - 2-time Pan-American Champion - Recognized by the AAU for having one of the Top-20 Dojo's in America - MS - Sports Management (US Sports Academy); BS - Sociology (Hampton University) Training will include: KATA . APPLICATION . KUMITE (SPARRING) . KOBUDO (WEAPONS) Event agenda pending Kyoshi's approval. COST: $50 if registered before 5/1 Late registration $60 BEFORE 5/12 On-site registration $75


All students and families are encouraged to participate in this annual fun day for students and families

This is our time to hang out and get to know each other better in the true spirit of Karate-Do as we train on the beach like the old Okinawan masters.

Training begins at 9am with our annual beach run (Kids class students and higher please)

Pee Wee specific training at 11 am

Adult and senior rank training will be later in the day

Students participating the the Sept 7th Advanced test will be excused shortly after lunch so they have ample time to rest before the quarterly cake walk

Lunch will be Hot Dogs (Turkey, Veggie, and Beef), Chips, Fruit, Water and Juice all compliments of the Dojo for students and their families.

**Please bring any other food items that you may want other that what is noted above.  And please make provisions for any food allergies**

We keep this pretty simple

Please bring your gi, your sparing gear, swim suit, a change of clothes, beach toys, beach blankets, umbrellas, chairs and easy-ups, and SUN SCREEN

Volunteer Grill Masters Needed






SESSION 1: JUNE 23 – JUNE 27nSESSION 2: JULY 21 – JULY 25nAll Sessions are from 9a – 4p*n*Additional $5 per day to extend session until 5:30pnOpen to ALL Children ages 6-12n (NRK Karate membership is NOT REQUIRED)n


-Daily Reading Hourn-Daily Math/Science Enrichmentn-Two 60-min Training Sessions (Applicable To Next Belt Test)n-Pizza And Movie Party On The Last Day Of The Session (Only Day That Lunch Is Provided)n-$200 Per Sessionn-Bring A Friends And Receive A $20 Discount Per Guestn