At NRK Karate, our classes are designed to offer quality of content, flexibility of schedule, and limitless opportunity for learning. For more details on class times please visit our class schedule page.


Our basic programs offer training opportunities up to 3 (three) days per week. This allows a typical student to make the journey from beginner to first degree black belt in 5 - 6 years. Participation in this program in no way requires that the student trains 3 days a week, but is rather offered to a good balance provide flexibility and progress. We currently offer 2 training schedules under the standard program for our Junior students (ages 9 - 13). Schedule-A offers training nearly every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday year round. Schedule-B offers a similar 3-day schedule, but on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Our Elite Training Program offers our most complete training option. In this program students are able to train up to 5-days per week, and multiple times per day. This program is intended to provide a means to support the most enthusiastic of Karate students. In the Elite Training Program, or Seiei-Kai (Say-yay Ka-eye) students will get weekly training in weapons, free sparring, self defense, and tactics in addition to the core Karate Training. While all of these things are standard in all of our programs at NRK Karate, no other program offers the frequency of access provided in the Elite Program. Additionally, members of the Elite Training program enjoy additional program and product discounts that are otherwise not available to our students.